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Interactive Flows - Modes Explained
Interactive Flows - Modes Explained

View 3D content in the different Modes

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The Interactive Flows in can be viewed in several modes. Meaning that after the flow is created, the content creator has the option to share the flow in different modes, without editing the content: In this example we show a Training, Test and Demo mode. The name and rules of the particular mode are fully adjustable by the content creator.

3D Interactive flow modes tab - No modes defined

In the below example, we show 3 modes, training, test and demo modes.

  • The Training mode is a default mode allowing the user to move back and forward in the steps of the flow and click on the interactive steps in order to continue.

  • The Test mode is in this case holds scoring, with scoring model and a test failure below 55. The highlights in this mode are disabled, leaving the viewer unguided about which part to select.

  • In the Demo mode no action is required from the viewer side.

3D Interactive flow modes tab with 3 modes (example)

Selectable by user option: Pay attention to select the relevant mode for the user. By selecting all modes, the viewer can select the mode to view the flow in Training, Test or Demo Mode. Unselecting will still enable the the content creator to share the flow in a specific mode.

Sharing the flow in a specific mode: Knowledge Base - Digital Twin - Share - Select Mode - Select Relevant procedure - copy link or create QR code.

Select Mode

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