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How to invite users to
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How to invite users to

(Relevant for workspace Admins)

The account exists of Workspaces and projects.
The workspace normally has the company name. The projects inside the Workspace resemble the different products of that specific company. Each project contains the products Digital Twin, it's related items and Interactive Flows.

Note: New users need to be invited to each project.

Inviting users to a workspace and project:

Workspace level:

1. Open the account menu

2. Select Workspace management

3. Add the user email

4. Select the relevant user role

5. Invite user


Account menu and Workspace Management


Add new user email and select role

Project Level

1. Select Collaborators in the left menu

2. Add the user email and verify role

3. Select Add collaborators


Add new user email and verify role

An invitation to the project will be sent to the user.

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