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Exploding Selected Parts in an Assembly

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For a thorough grasp of how individual components interact, leverage the Explode View feature. Within the Digital Twin (inside the Scene), this functionality dynamically showcases the model, separating each part by recursively detaching every object. Explore this tool to enhance your understanding of intricate assemblies

Getting Started

To achieve an exploded view of an assembly, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the assembly or select an assembly from the Parts Catalog you want to view in explode mode.

  2. In the opened menu, click on "Explode Selected parts".

    This will open the Explode settings menu.

The explosion will originate from the center of your selection, providing a dynamic visual representation.

The explode settings panel opens to further customize the effect. Here, you can interact with the XYZ axis settings, adjusting the explode strength to meet your specific preferences.

The Depth option affects the level of assemblies to be viewed in the explode view.

Note: To revert the explode view, you can either:

  • Press the "reset parts" button.

  • Reset the sliders to 0.

  • Reset the scene.

  • "Reset all" resets the explode view.

Navigating Special Scenarios

  1. Exploding Limitations for Single-Mesh Parts:

    • The explode option won't appear when the user clicks on parts without multiple meshes as children.

  2. Exclusion for Previously Exploded Selections:

    • The explode option won't be visible if the user clicks on a selection that already contains exploded parts.

  3. Individual Explosions for Additional Selections:

    • Clicking on other parts while there are existing exploded parts will result in individual explosions for the newly selected parts.

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