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3D Interactive Flows - Overview
3D Interactive Flows - Overview
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The 3D Interactive Flows involve creating different sets of instructions and guidelines for the Digital Twin. These Flows are essential for various tasks related to the Digital Twin's functionalities and maintenance.

Interactive Flow: Overview

This type of Interactive Flow provides a comprehensive view of the entire Digital Twin model. It serves as a high-level guide that showcases the Digital Twin's features, functionalities, and overall structure. The overview Flow helps users understand the Digital Twin's purpose and how it relates to the real-world object it represents.

Interactive Flow: Assembly

An assembly Flow involves step-by-step instructions for building or assembling the Digital Twin. It guides users through the process of putting together all the components of the Digital Twin to create a complete and functional representation of the real-world object. This procedure is particularly useful when dealing with complex Digital Twin models or when instructing the Installation Team.

Interactive Flow: Technical Procedure

The technical procedure focuses on specific actions related to the Digital Twin's maintenance, troubleshooting, or component modifications. It provides detailed instructions on how to perform technical tasks, such as replacing or modifying individual components of the Digital Twin. This procedure ensures that users can effectively manage and update the Digital Twin as needed.


3D Interactive Flows have revolutionized the way we interact with Digital Twins, unlocking new dimensions of innovation and understanding.

With the Overview Flow, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of your Digital Twin's purpose and features, connecting it to the real-world object it represents.

The Assembly Flow empowers you to build intricate Digital Twin models, capturing the essence of the physical counterpart.

Meanwhile, the Technical Flow equips you with the skills to maintain and update the Digital Twin, ensuring its continued relevance and functionality.

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