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Parts Catalog - Selection Controls
Parts Catalog - Selection Controls
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The Parts catalog serves as a robust tool for familiarizing yourself with the components within your digital twin. In this guide, we'll introduce you to several keyboard shortcuts that can enhance your efficiency while navigating the catalog.

Parts Catalog Selection Keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Select children: "Page-Down" or "Enter"

  • Select parent: "Page-Up"

  • Select the next sibling: "End"

  • Select Multiple parts in a row: Click on parts + Shift

  • Open/Close all parts: Click on the collapse button + Shift

    Right-Clicking in the Parts Catalog:

    Just as you would click on parts within the digital twin, we've also integrated right-click functionality into the Parts Catalog. With this feature, you can conveniently access a comprehensive array of options and actions.

    For a detailed explanation of the Right-Click functionality, please consult this article:

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