The recorder in the digital twin scene allows you to take snapshots and record videos of your digital twin.

to open the recorder press the more button and then press recorder on the menu that has opened up.


The recorder has the following options:

  • Record a video of the app window, including the menus, by pressing the recorder button

  • To take a snapshot, first, you need to choose the configuration by pressing the shutter button


    and then selecting from the 3 following options in the menu that has opened:

    1. Screen- to take a picture of the app window, including the menus.

    2. Camera- to take a picture of the digital twin scene (without the menus)

    3. Camera HD- same as camera but in better quality

After choosing a configuration you can take the snapshot by pressing the camera button


All your recordings can be found in the following path: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\\ Recordings

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