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Part Catalog Builder - Guide
Part Catalog Builder - Guide
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The Part Catalog Builder enables the creation and modification of the parts catalog.

This article describes how to edit parts in the Part Catalog Builder:

  • Open the Part Catalog Builder

  • Edit Properties

  • Group Parts

  • Saving after editing

  • Publishing

  • Meta Data Editing

Getting Started

Open the Part Catalog Builder

  1. Open the Digital Twin dashboard (on the web) and click on edit parts catalog.

  2. Part Catalog Builder will open in the PC app in the builder layout.

Note: The Part Catalog Builder can be accessed only in the PC app via the Web.

Edit the Parts Catalog

  1. Clicking on the desired part will open the parts catalog form

    inside you will have several fields to fill if needed.

  2. Edit properties (meta-data) of the part (or assemblies)

  • Name (changes in original and new)

  • Catalog\ID number (changes in original and new)

  • Spare part assembly yes/ no (default) (changes in original and new)

  • Additional info field (changes in original and new)

  • Visibility: Displayed (Default) or Hidden from the list and from the digital twin.

Group parts assembly

  • Grouping can be done only on a single assembly

  • Once grouped there will be a "grouped" icon near the part name on the Catalog and near the part title in the properties window, while editing.

    • The group icon in Catalog will behave like a collapse arrow.

  • Grouped parts will be displayed in grey in the list and will be non-selectable while editing. Grouped parts can be edited by ungrouping the grouped parts.

Saving After Editing

Changes done will automatically be saved and the saved version will be displayed every time any content creator opens the Part Catalog Builder for the specific Digital Twin.

In order to see the changes made, the Digital Twin must be published in the digital twin scene.

Note: In case no changes are made in the builder, the user will receive a pop-up message, asking if they are still using the builder. If the message is not acknowledged by the current editor (user), then another user, trying to open the Part Catalog Builder, with the same Digital Twin catalog will actively remove the first user from the Builder.


  1. Publish the Digital Twin item to view the changes

    When creating a new digital twin item the hierarchy that is uploaded will be duplicated

    For example:

    • The original hierarchy - CAD assemblies (CAD)

    • The new hierarchy - Parts Catalog (PC)

  2. Parts Catalogs: Parts Catalog and CAD Assemblies

How do I see the changes?

In the Digital twin scene, the MetaData button will open the metadata window pop-up window, containing information about the part/ assembly as defined in the properties of the Parts Catalog Builder. The window is a pop-up that needs to be closed to keep on interacting with what is displayed underneath.

  • Any click outside the window will close it

Data Exchanger

You can export your part catalog list to an Excel file, this is something you already know.
We added a new feature, Import.

After you export the list, you can edit it inside your Excel.

Example of the part list.



Catalog Id

Is it a spare part

additional info

Is Grouped








1 -






Same as inside the parts catalog editor, you can change the info inside the table.

from the naming throughout the visibility of the part inside the digital twin.

After finishing editing, you can save your work and import it back to the frontline app.


To wrap up, the Part Catalog Builder is your tool for creating and adjusting parts catalogs. This guide showed how to edit parts: open the builder, modify properties, group parts, save changes, publish, and edit metadata. Once edited, changes are automatically saved and visible to all users. Remember, publishing the Digital Twin item is essential to view changes. By following these steps, you'll seamlessly enhance your Digital Twin experience, making sure your edits are seen by everyone.

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