Known Issues

Workspace management

Interactive Flow

  • Deep links of a Mirrored Interactive Flow currently don't work

  • Interactive flow shows 2 or more Digital Twins connected

    • Solution:

      • Remove connected Digital Twins and re-connect the relevant Digital Twin

  • 3D Interactive Flow: Connecting a Digital Twin to an Interactive Flow via the Digital Twin doesn't save the selection

    • Solution:

      • Open relevant Interactive Flow

      • Select 3 dots menu (drop down menu opens)

      • Select the settings option

      • Select the Digital Twin related to the Interactive Flow

      • Exit the procedure settings menu

  • Warning pop up (General Node) confirmation text and media does not appear

  • Step including image and animation: closing the enlarged image by activating the animation, moves the user to the next step and the close button disappears.

    • Solution:

      PC: if there is an interaction the user can click, until another step with an image and than the close button becomes available.

      Mobile Devices - no workaround , the X button would disappear but the highlight isn't pressable

  • Combining User Defined animations and Static animations will not play interaction.

Interactive Flow Player

  • Speaker icon: pressing the speaker icon will only show a change in status when mouse cursor is hovering away from the icon.

Animation Builder

  • Application doesn't open when the app is already open, showing a different Digital Twin or when the app is using one of the creation tools, like Animation Builder or Parts Catalog Builder.

  • Selecting a part in the Digital Twin twice will show the part twice in the list. However, when clicking done the model disappears. (end stage Saving or done after selecting?)

  • Editing the pivot point, a pop-up appears and blocks the view of the part. The functionality, part movement and rotation, is not affected.

Digital Twin Scene

  • Ctrl Z and Ctrl Y doesn't work in Webgl on extracted parts


    • press right click on the model

    • choose more than one part

    • extract a part

    • press ctrl + Z (Undo)

    • Press ctrl + Y (Redo

Result: Extracted parts don't reset according to the action required.

Parts Catalog Builder

  • Currently when opening the Parts Catalog Builder the user will not receive a notification about changes or lack of changes.

  • Other users can edit the Parts Catalog simultaneously without any notification the Parts Catalog Builder is open and parts might be edited.

Remote Support

  • In a call, using pc to web, inputs are flipped because from PC to Web the camera on the pc side (not web) is flipped.

  • When two or more web users are in the same call with a PC users the camera feature for the Web users is not available, resulting that the Web users can not see each other.

  • In a Remote Support Call: web mobile user with PC app user: When the mobile user draws on the screen the web connection refreshes.

    • Example:

      • open a remote support on pc

      • log to the session with web use iPad

      • add your name

      • open camera

      • choose your camera screen

      • choose draw

      • choose color

      • draw on your camera

Result: Page refreshes

Virtual Training Room

  • Users using a mobile device can't log into the Virtual Training Room as Guest users

Operating Systems


  • Remote support web - sound is low compared to other platforms


  • Account settings is currently not available

  1. open app on mac

  2. log in to app

  3. press on the user icon to see account settings

Issue: Account setting is unavailable


  • Remote Support Web connecting to PC: Android user shared camera screen showing on the PC, will pause every 20 seconds

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