Version 22.1

(Web only)

Creating an Interactive Flow

Improved functionality:

  • Right click: shows available node options

  • New - Shortcut icon

  • Hold+Shift: enables multiple selection of nodes


  • Warning node:

Two options for creating a warning node:

    1. Inside the flow

    2. Dedicated Warning node – this will create a warning pop up

  • Multiple connections node

    • Create choice points within the flow. The connection points become active when a connection is created.


There are two types of animations by the source of creation

  1. Animations created in 3D studio, these are already available Animations. The Animations are available to an Advanced Content Creation user

  2. User-created animations created directly on the digital twin (see Animation Builder) - requires content creation user.

    How to add an Animation:

    1. Open Flow Builder

    2. Add Node

    3. Open Node side bar

    4. Attach interaction

    5. Select an interaction connected to the digital twin



Create an Interactive Flow in multiple languages.

  1. Set the default language for the flow

  2. Create the Interactive Flow

  3. Open Language Options in right upper corner

  4. Download current state

  5. Open .xlsx file

  6. Edit text

  7. Import translations file

  8. Save interactive flow

  9. Preview languages

  10. Publish Interactive flow

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