Version 22.1

Remote Support Function

  • New UI

  • Add participants during a remote support call

Invite additional participants during a call (Max. 4)

During a Remote Support Session:

(Location: bottom toolbar)

  • “Participants" button, shows amount of participants in the current call

  • To add participants:

Click Participants button:

    1. Participants panel opens

    2. The panel shows a list of the participants with indication who is the host

    3. On top of the list click the "add people" button

    4. A pop up window will open Pop-up shows two tabs: "Workspace Users" and “Call Device” Workspace Users tab:

      1. "connected users"

      2. "not connected users"

Hovering over a user shows the options:

          • "Call" or

          • "Send invite link"

If "call" option is clicked the specific user will be added to participants list in panel with the status: "Dialing..."

If "send invite link" is clicked the "invite info" will be send to the specific user. The inviting user will receive an indication the link was sent successfully

Call Device tab:

      1. Insert a phone number

      2. Press "Call" button

Note: The Call button will be disabled till all numbers are inserted

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