allows a free trial, for it's new customers, to upload their CAD files via the fast track system. The CAD files are optimized and uploaded to a private workspace automatically. Their, they can edit, publish and share the model, along with the parts catalog, with whoever they want.

1. Go to the following link:

2. Drag and drop your CAD file (STP / STEP / FBX). Up to 200 MB.

3. Enter your work email and company website

4. Click submit


5. After submitting you will receive a verification email - Click "Verify"

6. Now you wait for fast track to do its magic!

7. When the fast track is done you will receive an email letting you know


8. Follow the instructions in the email to download and install the PC app and view your digital twin 3D model

9. If you would like to edit your parts catalog check out the following article: 3D Parts Catalog Builder

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