Search in the Parts Catalog

(version 22.2)

Search commands will search in all catalogs, all fields, and the created Spare Parts Filter.

In the Digital Twin Scene there are two ways to open the Parts catalog:

  • Digital Twin Scene

    1. Open the Parts Catalog by clicking on the Parts Catalog Icon on the right of the

  • Digital Twin Model

    1. Ctrl + Left Click on a part of the Digital Twin

    2. Right Click

    3. Select Parts catalog from the Context Menu

The Search option is available at the top of the Parts Catalog.

Search on the name of the assembly and catalog number:

  • The list of parts will update and filter automatically while the user is typing

  • Results will display all assemblies\parts found, in a collapsed state, with the ability to expand their children

  • When clicking on an assembly after the search the correct properties will be displayed. However, this does not remove the filter applied.

  • Remove the filter: The user will need to erase the text in the search field.

  • Changing the filtered view will not unselect selected assemblies

You can also check out this video :

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