Digital Twin and Parts Catalog - Select Parts and Right Click Functionality

(Version 22.2)

  • Select parts

  • Multi Select Parts

  • Multi Select Assemblies (hide and unhide)

  • Meta Data (Viewing)

Select Parts in Parts Catalog

Note! that clicking on the icons expand and hide eye Inside the menu option to expand and collapse. Clicking on the expand\collapse arrow will not select the assembly

  • Clicking on the hide (eye) icon will not select the assembly

  • When an assembly is selected from the Part Catalog the following actions occur:

    • The selected assembly will be highlighted in the list

    • Assembly will be highlighted in the Digital Twin model itself

Multi Selection

  • All parts selected will be highlighted in the Digital Twin

  • Changes done in properties window while multiple assemblies are selected, will affect all assemblies that are selected as individual assemblies

Note: If multiple parts are selected and user releases the +Ctrl (in other words: “left clicks”) on one of the selected parts (without holding the Ctrl button), the intended part will be selected and all other parts will be unselected.

Multi-Select Assemblies (3D parts)

  • "Ctrl+ left click" on intended assemblies

  • There will be clear indication that changes will be done collectively

  • On the select parts the menu will not be displayed (but parts will still be highlighted)

  • If user right clicks on one of the selected parts (while pressing Ctrl+Left), the menu will open, and actions will be done on all selected parts

Multiple parts selected:

  • The menu will not display “meta data" option

  • The menu will display “Go to parent” only if all parts have the same immediate parent


  • "Meta-Data" button: will open metadata window pop-up window, containing information of the part/ assembly as defined in the properties of the parts catalog editor. The window is a pop up which needs to be closed to keep on interacting with what is displayed underneath.

    • Any click outside the window will close it

For Tablet and mobile phones

  • Long press will make the selection

  • Press outside the model will do un-selection

  • No multi parts selection is available

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